Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2021
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Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

A tumble dryer condenser collects moisture from your wet clothes in a container, sometimes referred to as a reservoir, which is located within the dryer itself.

This tank collects the water, and when it fills up, you simply empty it. The majority of modern models will notify you when the tank is full.

This is advantageous for many people because it allows you to place the unit pretty much wherever you want – it is not required to be placed against an external wall.

The best tumble dryer condenser will be your savior if you only have space in a room without windows, or you’re renting a home and don’t have permission to make a hole in an external wall.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

In this article, we will introduce to you perfect options if you want to choose the best tumble dryer condenser in the market right now.

1. Bosch WTR85V21GB Tumble Dryer Condenser

This dryer is a new and very cost-effective device with an 8kg capacity, a high specification, and a reasonable price.

It is environmentally friendly because heat pump technology recycles hot air inside the drum, preventing energy waste.

One advantage is that you can set the dryness of whatever you’re drying rather than setting a time and then realising you need to reset it because it’s too dry.

The Bosch WTR85V21GB tumble dryer’s ‘sensitive drying system’ is designed to reduce wear and tear on your clothes while also drying evenly across the load.

With its excellent features, this Bosch tumble dryer will be an excellent companion for your washing machine.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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2. Beko DTLCE80041W Tumble Dryer Condenser

With an 8kg load capacity, this condenser dryer makes it simple to dry larger items.

It can also prevent over-drying of clothes with sensor programmes that stop the cycle when the optimal level of dryness is reached.

In addition to saving you time and money, your laundry will receive better care and protection.

It is also programmed to assist you in selecting the best programme to fit your daily schedule. T

Because this model has a variety of time-based options, you can pre-select the best drying duration for your laundry.

Beko’s automatic anti-creasing function rotates the drum at regular intervals for up to 2 hours after a cycle has finished, separating your laundry and reducing creases.

This function is ideal for days when you are unable to unload your laundry right away.

The Beko DTLCE80041W Tumble Dryer Condenser is finished in white and is designed to complement any home.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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3. Bosch WTWH7660GB Serie 6 Tumble Dryer

This Bosch tumble dryer will make laundry days a breeze.

Thanks to its 9kg drum and energy-efficient heat pump drying, it’s great for medium-sized households.

Bosch tumble dryers and washer dryers with AutoDry gently dry up to ten kilogrammes of laundry to the level of dryness you prefer.

Sensors measure temperature and wetness, preventing your laundry from being overheated, over-dried, or shrinking.

There is now a setting for whether you want your laundry to be dry enough to store right away or simply dry enough to iron.

Plus, you won’t even have to be home to start the laundry: Home Connect means it can connect to your WiFi, allowing you to control the dryer from a compatible smartphone, allowing you to fit laundry into your busy schedule.

High precision temperatures and monitoring of the degree of dryness ensure fast drying, allowing you to wear the clothes immediately after they have finished drying.

This device is an environmentally friendly product with a guaranteed high performance and a constantly low energy consumption of A++.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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4. Samsung DV90T5240AE Heatpump Tumble

There aren’t many buttons or markings on the Samsung DV90T5240AW dryer’s control panel, but that’s because the programme details appear on the screen when you rotate the dial.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, this high-tech tumble dryer can also be controlled via your smartphone.

Heat Pump Technology is the way to go for more efficient laundry drying.

It is gentler on even the most delicate of delicates by reheating the air in the drum.

And it means you’ll use less electricity, making it kinder on your bills and the environment too.

Feel free to place your Samsung tumble dryer wherever you want in your home and adjust the door to fit the available space.

The reversible door allows you to choose whether it opens to the left or right of the tumble dryer.

Then it’s simple to load and unload your laundry, and it’s even simpler if it’s close to the washing machine.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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5. Haier HD90-A636 9KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

With the Haier 9KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, you can now treat your laundry with care while staying within your household budget.

It’s ideal for medium-sized households, with a 9kg drum capacity.

Heat Pump technology recycles hot air inside the drum, lowering your utility bills.

Furthermore, the clever sensor drying function detects how much moisture remains in your clothes and uses only the amount of energy required.

This model will dry your laundry quickly and efficiently thanks to clever heat pump technology. It removes moisture from your clothes by blowing hot air at them.

Furthermore, because this air is constantly recycled during the drying process, it can save up to 50% on electricity.

With its unusual design, the Haier HD90-A636 stood out from the crowd of tumble dryers and dried your clothes to an excellent standard.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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6. Russell Hobbs Condenser Sensor Tumble Dryer

This condenser tumble dryer has an enormous 8kg capacity, which is more than enough for large families.

This sensor tumble dryer has an energy rating of B and a sensor drying feature.

As a result, it can save electricity because the dryer is not running unnecessarily.

The RH8CTD701 includes fluff filter and tank indicators, which notify you when the filter needs to be cleaned and the tank needs to be emptied.

It also has a ‘gentle’ heat setting, which is intended to protect sensitive materials from drying at high temperatures.

You can also select from three different dryness levels with this condenser dryer.

Adjustable feet keep the appliance level, and a child lock provides peace of mind.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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7. Candy CSVC8LG Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

The Candy CSVC8LG has an 8kg drying capacity, which is ideal for a medium-sized family.

It has Sensor Dry, which stops the cycle when it detects that the load is dry, saving you both time and money.

You have four drying levels to choose from (Ready to Iron, Dry Hanger, Dry Wardrobe, and Extra Dry), giving you flexibility in how you dry your loads.

This machine meets all of your drying needs with 14 drying programmes, including a rapid option.

This Candy condenser is also NFC-enabled, allowing you to control the machine with your Android smartphone while also downloading additional programmes and running diagnostics checks.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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8. Whirlpool FTM11 82UK Freestanding Tumble Dryer

This Whirlpool freestanding Tumble Dryer has a large 8kg drum capacity.

Heat pump technology effectively re-heats the air in the appliance, reducing energy consumption significantly.

The innovative FreshCare+ system cares for your garments inside the dryer through intelligent delicate temperature control and delicate tumbling action, which keeps garments fresh and prevents bad odours.

FreshCare+ treatment results in truly fresher clothes and peace of mind – even hours after the cycle has ended.

With an A++ energy rating, this Whirlpool Dryer will provide you with excellent results while using very little energy.

This Whirlpool Dryer is designed to produce excellent results while producing very low noise levels, allowing you to enjoy some extra peace and quiet.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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9. Montpellier MCD7W Condenser Tumble Dryer

You will save time and energy by using this MCD7W 7kg condensing tumble dryer; your clothes will dry faster, and you will save money on your household energy bills.

Using clever sensor technology, this tumble dryer detects when your clothes are dry and automatically ends the cycle, even if there is still time left on the cycle.

With 15 programmes to choose from for a variety of fabrics, this dryer takes care of your clothes.

You can customise your drying cycle with a handy pause feature and a delay timer ranging from 3 to 9 hours.

The Montpellier MCD7W has a reverse action drum that spins both clockwise and anti-clockwise to ensure even drying throughout the load.

It has an easy-to-remove water reservoir and lint filters, making it easier than ever to care for your tumble dryer.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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10. Neff Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

This dryer has an impressive 9kg load capacity, making it ideal for larger households with large piles of laundry.

This device will not only dry your clothes to a high standard, but it will also care for them while doing so.

It is also extremely simple to use, thanks to the large display, which makes it easy to see which programmes or settings you require.

The Neff dryer has a 40-minute dry cycle that will dry non-sensitive laundry quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for when you’re in a hurry.

There is also an AutoDry function that will automatically set the level of residual moisture in your laundry, preventing shrinkage.

Because of the light inside the drum, you can be certain that you will not leave any odd socks behind because you will be able to see inside the drum.

Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022
Top 10 best tumble dryer condenser in UK 2022

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How to choose the best tumble dryer condenser

Tests show that a high price tag does not always imply a good tumble dryer condenser. Here are three things to look for when purchasing the best for you:

1) Energy use
None of the tumble dryer condenser. we’ve tested score full marks for their energy efficiency, but some do cost more to run than others.

Go to the tech specs tab on our tumble dryer reviews to see how much each machine costs to run per year.

Our energy calculations assume that each tumble dryer is used three times per week to dry a 70% full load of cottons.

2) An efficient condensation unit

All condenser and heat pump tumble dryers are tested to see how well they keep damp air inside the machine.

A good dryer should not leave your walls damp or, worse, cause mould to grow in the room it is in.

3) Drying efficiency

There are significant differences in how well condenser dryers dry your clothes.

The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to hang up your clothes after they’ve dried in the dryer.

However, the best can dry typically difficult jeans and even get synthetic items dry on a cotton load, which is great news for those who don’t separate their laundry before drying.


Tumble dryer condenser When compared to other types of tumble dryers, is a relatively inexpensive option, though not as cheap as some vented models.

Most have a humidity sensor that turns off the programme when your laundry is dry, though cheaper condenser dryers use a manual timer.

Condenser dryers typically have quick-drying programmes, but they are not the most energy-efficient option.

To summarise, this dryer line is quite popular due to its reasonable price, adaptability, and reasonably effective performance.

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