Top 10 best front clip dog harness


A dog harness is a common sight on a dog walk with plenty of dog lovers opting to use them. We explore the benefits and potential risks of dog harnesses and take a look at the 10 Best Dog Harnesses on the UK market.

So is there any science backing a swap to a dog harness rather than remaining with the more traditional collar and lead? Initially dog harnesses appear more humane than a collar. In fact they can eliminate pressure on the neck and spine spreading pressure across your dogs torso. If your dog is a constant ‘puller’, the harness will definitely be more comfortable than a collar on their neck. However it is worth considering that if your dog isn’t a ‘puller’ a collar could well be more comfortable. A dog harness can help to stop pulling on the lead. Simply the sensation of wearing a harness can often calm dogs and reduce pulling but it’s not guaranteed. There are methods of attaching a double lead to a harness (no-pull harness) which can provide further control. When it comes to playful puppies, harnesses can provide better support to their growing frames whilst acting as a positive training tool for puppies that haven’t yet learned to walk beautifully on a lead. A puppy harness will prevent them from getting tangled up in the lead and possibly hurt in the process.

First decide why you want a harness. If may purely be a fashion item, but even if this is the case, it’s worth making sure it fits properly. All 10 harnesses featured in our review have excellent ratings by dog owners (and their dogs!)

Top 10 best front clip dog harness

1.Puppia Soft Harness

best front clip dog harness

First to feature in our Top Ten is the original no.1 selling puppy harness recommended by Vets – Puppy. The comfortable design puts no strain on the neck and it has a re-sizable chest belt. and a secure clasp. The Puppy harness features plaid fabric, a super soft fabric lining and adjustable neck straps for a more custom fit. Available in 7 sizes and lots of colours to suit your gorgeous ball of fluff. Polyester air-mesh, Comfortable around neck, Adjustable chest belt, Rubber Puppia label, Coordinated with PDCF-AL30 Dog harnesses from Puppia are intended for relatively small to medium breeds, here are a few examples to be used as a rough guide.

“Decided to go for extra large (XL) and it fits him perfect. Really comfortable, lovely soft material, strong and very lightweight. It will dry if wet. I tested it by pulling the ‘D clip’ at back to see if it is strong and won’t pull off. It is pretty strong so I’m happy with it. My dog is very happy with it ”

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2. EASTLION Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

Our dog harnesses with elastic and padded handle on the back,there is no stress on your dog’s neck when dog strongly pulls. 2 rings on harness chest and back,easy walking,running,hiking and training,you can easy control your dogs by attaching a leash on the D-ring.The reflective strips on webbing to ensure good visibility which is safe for your dog wearing the harness to go out at night or bad weather and you can easy to find your four-legged friends.It’s a good choice for doing sports with pets, lining,super elastic handle and sponge filling that will help protect from pulling and not hurt your lovely pet’s throat and trachea.

This dog vest harness is easy to put on and take off with the simple buckle design.The upgraded sliders are easier to adjust,and you can adjust the length of the chest and neck of the harness to fit your dog,make it more comfortable. Colors:black.Sizes:S,M,L,XL.Please measure your dog size and choose carefully the dog harness size for your pet dog according to the size chart of second image before your order.Suitable for small,medium and large dogs.

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3. juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

Our Dog Harness is stylish, safe, and durable .JUXZH (Truelove) Dog Harness Vest do the best to prevent the dog injuries than a collar.From a training perspective, this harnesses are useful for teaching your dog not to pull as the pressure from a harness is more evenly distributed around your dog’s body.Reflective Nylon webbing ensure good visibility for this high-end Dog Harness.Compare to other harnesses to see the Difference in our Quality and Appearance.Please refer to the size chart image for correct item dimensions before you buy.

Comfortable lightweight Mesh lining with soft sponge padding in chest and belly.Dog Harness Vest do the best to  prevent the dog injuries than a collar.Two leash attachment points: Aluminium-alloy V-Ring on the dog’s back and Stainless steel O-ring on the dog’s chest.They are very durable, sturdy and keep your puppy’s safely.

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4. Halti Front Control Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

The Halti Front Control Harness is great for pet parents that need a harness that prevents pulling. Designed to stop pulling from the front, this Harness keeps you in control & your dog comfortable. The Halti Front Control Harness is easily adjustable & made with neoprene padding for a comfortable, secure solution for dogs that are prone to pulling without putting painful pressure on your dog. The Halti Front Control Harness makes it easy to put on & take off your dog’s no-pull harness; plus a strong clip on the front of the Harness attaches to your dog’s collar providing extra security on the Lead

 Made from lightweight, extremely durable and breathable nylon webbing, this dog harness is great for extended use, and the Front Control Harness is water resistant for wear ability in all weather! For a better no-pull walking & training experience, pair with the Halti Training Lead. This dual clip Lead attaches to your dog’s Halti Front Control Harness for optimal no pull support and steering control.

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5. Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness Large Pink

best front clip dog harness

No Pull Design & Better Control: Our dog harness with 2 zinc-alloy rings on dog’s chest and back, when your dog pulls, you could attach the chest ring to control your dog, and when you walk with your four-legged friend, you could use the back ring, no stress on dog’s neck, no choke, ideal solution for pulling dog. Nylon webbing with reflective material to ensure good visibility when night running; a sturdy handle on the back for looping seat belt through to secure your dog while riding in your car; breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate of puppy harness prevents injuries, giving extra comfort and protection

 This dog vest harness is easy to wear and adjust, quick snap buckles ensures ease of use when putting on and taking off, fully adjustable straps at the chest and neck allow a custom fit for your fur friend, perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training, outdoor fun time and more. Dog harness large size: chest girth 43-86cm,neck girth 46-66cm, perfect size for large and medium dogs, like labrador, german shepherd, golden retriever, border collie, bully pitbull, bulldog, akita and more, you’d better determine your dog’s chest girth by measuring around the widest part of your dog’s chest before purchas

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best front clip dog harness

The Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness is a lightweight, low-profile adventure harness. This minimalist harness has four points of adjustment for a sleek, comfortable fit down to size XXXS. It features an aluminium V-ring leash attachment point on the back, a debris-resistant liner, reflective trim for low-light visibility, and a light loop for attaching the Ruffwear Beacon. Scaled to fit even the smallest canine companions, the Hi & Light Harness is a great option for any dog that enjoys exploring in a harness. The Hi & Light harness provides comfort and freedom for your dog. This lightweight harness minimises bulk, with a low-profile design that’s perfect for adventures. Ruffwear’s mission is to build dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions. Because we’re inspired by our outdoor pursuits– backpacking, skiing, river running, mountain biking – it’s natural for us to utilise fabrics, hardware, materials and construction processes that have been proven in the environment we live for and play in.

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7. ThinkPet No Pull Harness

best front clip dog harness

Adventure Sport Harness- Large size: chest girth 17-35 inch, neck girth 18-26 inch.Recommend for large dogs, like labrador, husky, bulldog and more.The soft padded dog harnesses is perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year,etc. Durable & Escape-proof Harness- This pet harness features premium nylon that makes the harness robust against wear. Quick snap buckles make it easy to wear and off. Lock design ensure safety. Widened straps make pulling pressure evenly distributed to prevent pulling and choking.

Padded Breathable Dog Vest- Extra thick yet breathable inner layer of soft mesh optimized for skin ventilation and pet comfort. The mesh lining of the puppy harness prevents injuries and offer maximum protection. Reflective Straps Vest Harness- The padded dog harness for large dog no pull is equipped with fluorescent straps around, improves visibility in the dark. Ideal for everyday walking,night running,hiking,training,hunting,outdoor adventure and more.No Pull Dog Harness with Handle- This dog harness medium own two metal leash D-rings. The BACK clip for casual walking and jogging while the FRONT clip is no-choke design, stopping pulling on walk, perfect for dog training or working. The padded soft handle for extra control to lead your dogs.

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8. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

Lightweight and durable dog harness made for all-day outdoor adventures and designed for easy attachment and removal. Suitable for Large/X-Large dogs( 32-42 in/81-107 cm), With 2 lead attachment points and reinforced webbing at chest to resist pulling, giving you additional control which makes this ideal for everyday walks and training. Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking, or resting. Find a customisable fit with 4 convenient points of adjustment for full range of motion and an easy access ID pocket for safe and quiet storage of your dog’s tags. Bright and visible fabric harness with reflective trim and light loop for The Beacon helps your dog stand out against any landscape day and night.

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is an everyday harness that is easy to put on and comfortable for dogs to wear. The harness features two leash attachment points: an aluminium V-ring centred on the dog’s back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog’s chest to resist pulling and offer additional control. The ID pocket keeps dog tags quiet and easily accessible.

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9. Eagloo No Pull Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

The neck of this product is spacious design and you only need to measure the chest of your pet.The chest can be flexibly adjusted in sizesuitable for small & medium size pets. Detailed size please see the description. Comfortable sponge filled anti pull effect dog harness for your best friend: no stress on dog’s neck, no choke, perfectly designed for easy walking, jogging, running, hiking or even training. Clips Around Both Your Pets Neck and Chest Allowing for The Harness To Be Both Easily Adjust and Taken Off With easy.

Made with High quality breathable mesh material to keep your loving pet nic e and cool , super bright Reflective Strips ensure a SAFE walk both day and night. The Extra Dog Leash on Top of This Harness Makes it Easier to Control and Walk Hard Pulling.

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10. PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness

best front clip dog harness

There are 2 sturdy metal hook loops for leash attachment. If you use the front hook on the chest, it will reduce the pulling a lot and make going for a walk more enjoyable. As usual, most people like to use the back hook.The reflective material will be really nice when it gets dark. Also, your dog will be saw easily. This 3M reflective material can make drivers have long time to react, which ensure your dog’s safety!

You will like this handle on the back,it is helpful in controlling dogs a bit closer to you when they are trying to lunge at something. Also, it is convenient to assist dogs into the car. Step 1. Measure dog’s Neck Girth ; Step 2. Measure dog’s Chest Girth ; Step 3. You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps. If between sizes, please choose the larger size. If any products quality really exits, a or will be available.

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How to buy the best dog harness for your pooch

Why is a harness better than a collar?

Let’s start by asking whether you’d like to be towed around by the neck? No, didn’t think so. Using a collar can actually damage the tissues in a dog’s neck if it pulls too hard. It also restricts a dog’s breathing – you can clearly hear it. A lack of oxygen can cause a dog to become confused, rather like a climber suffering from altitude sickness.

Harnesses have a D-ring on the back near the dog’s shoulder blades and this means it’s easier to keep the dog’s torso nearer to your legs rather than out front, which in turn makes it easier to get the animal to heel. Harnesses are also much safer to use, especially in busy traffic or anywhere a dog may become spooked. We’ve all been down that road when a dog suddenly slips its collar and you’re shouting in panic, invariably causing even more apprehension in the process.

Some dog harnesses are also fitted with a soft handle at the top, so you can easily grab the dog if it wants to get involved in a fight or is simply too keen to meet another pooch. Given that dogs will usually exit water at the same place they went in, these handles are also a godsend for helping dogs out of rivers or lakes with steep banks.

Do I still need a collar?

Yes. Although we extol the virtues of walking your dog with a harness, a collar is still essential attire for any dog (even when wearing a harness). Aside from being a legal requirement in the UK, a collar also tells others that the dog has an owner and isn’t a stray. A collar also allows you to attach a name tag – extra peace of mind that compliments the mandatory microchip underneath the animal’s skin between the shoulders.

What is the best style of harness?

There are plenty of different styles of harness on the market, but the most comfortable usually have a type of saddle on the back that helps the harness remain in better position without twisting.

What is the best type of harness for a tricky dog?

If you have a dog that pulls on the lead every time you go for a walk, consider a front-range harness with a leash ring on the chest strap. These are proven to work wonders at getting a dog to heel. If you have an especially powerful lead-puller then invest in a double-lead balance system such as the Mekuti, reviewed in this roundup.

How do I measure my dog for a new harness?

All harness manufacturer’s websites feature dog-sizing charts. In most instances, you simply need to measure a dog’s chest at the deepest part. Dog harnesses come in various sizes – some manufacturers even provide a breed list – and all are adjustable to a generous degree. Hence, you could buy a harness for your eight-month-old pooch, knowing it will likely still fit when it’s an adult.

How to buy the best dog leash for your companion

Once you have a harness (and collar!) in the bag, the next important item is the leash. Dog leashes come in a variety of styles and lengths and are essential accoutrements for the welfare and protection of your dog, especially if walking near traffic and areas that require a tether. Some leads are made from cheap nylon webbing and cost only a few pounds while others are hand-made out of premium leather for maximum parkland prestige.

What is the best type of leash for an unruly dog?

If your dog always pulls like a train, consider a double-ended training leash like those supplied by HALTI (see below) and Mekuti. Training leads consist of one extra-long strap with a clasp on either end. They are suitable for use only with front-range harnesses equipped with an attachment on the chest as well as on top.

Training leads take a while to master because the user is essentially holding two leashes at the same time – one fixed to the top hoop for holding the dog back and the other on the chest hoop to gently coax him or her to your side. According to many dog trainers, they work by ‘helping the dog to become aware of the way it is walking by bringing attention to its balance’.

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