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Top 10 best automatic coffee machine UK 2022

As coffee enthusiasts, many of us aspire to be at-home baristas, capable of brewing anything from an Americano to a latte in the comfort of our pjs.

If you are ready to take this step, chances are you are going to need an espresso machine. However, if you’re still a novice or you’re especially groggy in the morning, you probably won’t want to deal with a manual espresso machine.Top 10 best automatic coffee machine UK 2022 for your refer.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine UK 2022

1.Jura Ena Micro 1

The ENA Micro 1 espresso machine is nothing more than a stylish and streamlined espresso machine (we mean that in a good way).

What We Dig: It takes about 2 minutes to go from bean to cup. The integrated grinder is useful, and the auto descaling and cleaning programmes make the ENA Micro 1 simple to maintain. You can also choose between two different espresso strength levels and three different shot sizes.

What We Don’t Like: Because it’s streamlined and stripped down, some users may believe it’s lacking in features. There is no milk frothing system, for example, but if you don’t need lattes, this isn’t a deal breaker.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022


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2.De’Longhi Autentica Cappuccino, Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine,

The Eletta is sure to please more than just cappuccino drinkers, thanks to its simple one-touch operation and creamy milk froth produced by the LatteCrema System.


One-touch buttons facilitate easy preparation of a: cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato or milk-only drinks
Ability to make 2 drinks at the same time
Descaling, cleaning and rinsing program, which automates the cleaning process for you
Integrated milk carafe makes creamy milk foam, without the mess, as it also features an auto-cleaning function
Grinding technology allows you to choose how fine or coarse you’d like your beans to be
Stainless steel construction is durable and sleek
What reviewers liked about the DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino:

Approximately 68% of reviewers gave the DeLonghi Eletta a 4 or 5-star rating. The Eletta’s best-performing qualities, according to these reviewers, are the consistency of the coffees made, the strong stainless steel build quality, and the value for money (at $1,299, it’s still less expensive than many high-end automatic models).

Positive reviews also mentioned that the Eletta was a little fiddly to get the right settings to begin with. They did add, however, that if you can persevere, it’s worth it and the machine becomes easier to use. Cups of coffee made by the Eletta were particularly popular with cappuccino drinkers due to the creamy froth on top, but coffee drinkers of all types praised the machine’s performance.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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3.Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine

You get the best of both worlds with the Barista Touch: automatic capabilities combined with semi-automatic flexibility. It’s nearly identical to the more expensive Oracle model; the only difference is that it’s smaller and lacks automatic tamping.

The learning curve is manageable, however, thanks to easy-to-follow prompts on the LCD and consistent, delicious brews. So, if you can afford the price, this is an excellent machine to purchase. The Breville All-in-One is an excellent choice in every way. This machine is semi-automatic, and it’s easy to use whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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4.Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

As a result, this is the most cost-effective option for ‘all-in-one’ coffee making.

When it comes to espresso from a pod, Nespresso is the clear champion, and the Inissia is a great example of this.

You have the option of an espresso pour or a longer lungo. Simply insert the desired capsule, ensure that the 24-ounce water reservoir is full, pull down the large, industrial-looking handle, and presto, espresso!

This stylish Nespresso machine, available in a variety of colours, is a welcome addition to any modern kitchen.

It’s small and stylish, but it packs a powerful 19-bar pressure. Let’s be honest: pod coffee will never be as good as fresh, and we all know that the pods themselves are bad for the environment, but compromises must be made from time to time.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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5.Gaggia HD8749/01 Naviglio | Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine

Following that is our selection for Most Versatile Machine. The Gaggia Babila is our winner. It’s similar to the Accademia, which won Best Coffee Machine in 2022, but it wins Most Versatile for several reasons. For starters, it has a larger selection of drinks, including ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo / caffe lungo, coffee / caffe crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Flat White, and espresso macchiato. Even better, the Babila has 15 grind settings, which is a feature that is frequently overlooked when selecting a machine.

Gaggia Babila Grind Setting Adjustment Knob
With 15 grind settings, the Gaggia Babila allows you to precisely dial in your shots.

With those 15 settings, you have a lot more control over the flavour of your coffee than with most other machines, which only have about 5 or so settings. The Babila allows you to programme one of three levels of pre-infusion, which soaks the coffee puck just before brewing and results in a much fuller extraction.

The flow adjustment dial and the manual steam wand are two features that are unique to the Babila. Let us first look at flow control. It’s become increasingly important in the community in recent years, with machines such as the Profitec Pro 700 and Dalla Corte’s Mina making waves with their flow control devices and digital flow regulation, respectively. To summarise what it does, controlling the flow rate of water through the coffee puck can result in different results and flavours in your drink.

Similar results can be obtained with the Babila’s flow adjustment dial, which does exactly what it says. If you’re not sure how to use it, simply turn the dial while your drink is brewing. To begin, we recommend a faster flow rate for a lighter flavour (ideal for those long coffees) and a slower flow rate for a more intense, full-bodied espresso. From there, you’re free to experiment and see what happens.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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6.De’Longhi Magnifica S Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi Magnifica S Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is well-balanced. It has all of the features we look for in a super automatic espresso maker. It has a blue LED interface and is easily programmable. The two-hopper grinder is our favourite feature. This is a game changer because it allows you to have two different espresso beans on hand. The majority of machines have a single hopper and a pre-ground bypass. The bypass is a good option, but for the best flavour, espresso should be ground just before extraction.

There are 11 drink options available with the De’Longhi Magnifica S Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. You can also adjust the temperature, strength of the coffee, and amount of milk froth. However, we’ve discovered that the grinder on this machine has a difficult time grinding oily dark roast beans.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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7.Sage BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Sage BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is our favourite because it is a fully automatic espresso machine that can perform miracles. This is a high-end machine that costs a lot of money, but it pretty much lives up to the expectations of a super automatic espresso machine.

You swipe through the selection and select your favourite drink using the touch screen as a control panel. That’s all! The machine will grind the beans, measure the coffee, tamp it, and even pre-brew the coffee to allow it to bloom! The coffee will then be brewed at the proper temperature and pressure, resulting in a delicious shot of espresso.

It employs PID technology to keep the water temperature within a certain range, and an Over Pressure Valve (OPV) to ensure optimal water pressure. In addition to these commercial technologies adapted for a home machine, the Breville Oracle Touch includes a commercial-grade portafilter and steam wand.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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8.De’Longhi Scultura Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine

TheEspresso is another Delonghi option for the best automatic espresso machine for home use. This is a highly rated super automatic coffee machine with a large water reservoir and a slew of convenient built-in features that make cleaning a breeze.

You can easily customise your drinks using the easy-to-read LCD screen. Choose between short, medium, and long lengths, as well as strong or mild strength. There are also temperature options, such as hot, medium, and low. Alternatively, simply press one of the pre-programmed options to have a cappuccino, latte, or flat white ready in seconds.

The De’Longhi Scultura Traditional Barista Pump Espresso Machine comes with a detachable milk frother, so if you prefer your coffee black, simply remove it until you have visitors who prefer milk. Furthermore, because it is removable, it can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use. It’s also simple to clean, with an integrated clean function for all parts that come into contact with milk.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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9.Amazon Basics Espresso Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for the best automatic coffee machine under $1000, this 15 bar machine from Amazon Basics Espresso Coffee Maker has a sleek stainless steel exterior that doesn’t take up too much counter space. It heats up quickly and the auto milk frothing function heats and froths the milk in about a minute, so you’ll have your coffee ready before you know it.

The shot from this machine, if made correctly, should have a rich flavour and a smooth mouthfeel. The programmes also allow you to customise the cup size, temperature, and milk texture, which is ideal for getting your latte just right. Manually using the steam wand produces excellent results, but the auto froth setting works flawlessly and requires less effort from you!

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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10.Philips Fully Automatic EP5333/10 5000 Series Coffee Maker

The Philips 3200 Series milk system earned the title of best for alternative coffee drinks for good reason. With a single press of a button, the LatteGo system produces delicious lattes and cappuccinos. This is why the 3200 Series is the best home automatic latte machine.

9.4 out of 10 based on the editor’s rating View the Most Recent Price However, we must warn you that the quality of your drink is heavily influenced by the milk you use. The volume and quality of the milk froth can be affected by the type of milk used. If you use the wrong consistency of milk, your froth may be of poor quality.

We recommend lactose-free milk or pasteurised or ultra-pasteurized milk with 3 to 4.8 percent protein. The temperature of the milk can also have an impact on the foam’s quality. Always use chilled milk. But let us return to the espresso machine. The cappuccino machine is simple to clean. If you don’t use all of the milk in one sitting, simply remove the tank and store it in the fridge until the next time. The espresso machine has a user-friendly design. On the display, there are six buttons. One of these will provide you with hot water, while the other five will provide you with coffee drinks: espresso, coffee, Americano, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.

Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022
Top 10 best automatic coffee machine in UK 2022

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How to buy the best automatic coffee machine

There are some great options on the market for what is the best automatic coffee machine for home use, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to your individual preferences and circumstances.

Consider the following factors when purchasing the best automatic bean to cup coffee machine that is simply perfect for you.

Type of machine
As described above, consider whether you prefer a semi automatic, fully automatic or super automatic espresso machines for your home.

Water tank size
The size of the water reservoir determines how many cups of coffee you can make before you need to refill. To determine what size water reservoir will suit you best, consider how many cups of coffee you’ll be making over any given time.

How many people live in your home and will want a cup of coffee in the morning? And how many cups of coffee do you want to drink at any given time? Do you frequently entertain your friends? Consider all of these questions before deciding on the size of the water reservoir.

Programmable and display settings
Depending on the type of home automatic espresso machine you purchase, your machine may come with very few programmable display settings and some will come with way more than you’ll know what to do with!

Some of the best super automatic coffee maker options, as well as semi or fully automatic machines, include a variety of excellent programme settings.

Most of the best automatic coffee makers have a digital display, which makes it much easier to use than one with only indicator lights, especially when programming your machine.

Grinder settings
Grind size and consistency is super important when it comes to making a great tasting coffee, so if purchasing a machine that comes with a built in grinder, you’ll also want to give some consideration to the grinder settings. Some machines will have many different settings for grinder types as well as options for pre ground coffee.

If you simply want the machine to handle the grinding for you, consider one of the super automatic machines, which not only have a built-in grinder but will also tamp the grinds.

Milk frother
If you like to drink lattes and cappuccinos, then you’re going to want a machine with a milk frother or steam wand – although they can be purchased separately.

Some machines, such as a super automatic, have an in-built milk frother and will do everything for you, whereas others have a frother or a connection to a separate milk frother and require you to handle this part of the process yourself.

two glass mugs with espresso on automatic coffee machine drip tray
Before you buy anything, you’re going to need to think about how much bench space you have at home. Some of the best bean to cup automatic coffee machine options are on the larger side! So before you buy a machine, measure out the space you have available and check the dimensions of the machine before purchasing it to ensure it will appropriately fit.

The area must have enough surface area and top clearance to allow for proper machine operation, as well as be close to a power outlet.

Ease of cleaning
If you end up with a coffee maker that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually all that convenient after all. Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy it, so you know how involved the process will be. The more features and components the machine has, the more likely it will take you a long time to clean.

To prevent oil buildup inside full and super automatic machines, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. Many machines have a self-cleaning function, so if cleaning isn’t your strong suit, look for a machine that has a fully self-cleaning function.

You will note that the price range for the top 10 automatic coffee machines in this guide is huge. The difference between cheap, fully automatic coffee machines to the very best automatic coffee cappuccino machine can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The price of a coffee maker is determined by a variety of factors, including the material used, the brand, the ease of use, and the number of programmable features.


There’s a lot that goes into automatic espresso machines, and it’s important to understand what those things are. You may have already made a decision based on our reviews of the best super-automatic espresso machines. If not, you’re probably on your way.



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